Monday, June 04, 2007

the world accordion to me

One of the things I forgot to blog about last week was scriptaculous - a JavaScript framework that we started to work with in the face to face class.

A search for scriptaculous on Training o2 will turn up links to the stuff we covered. Have a browse through and then...

Install scriptaculous and see if you can't fix this FAQ so that it only shows the questions. When a visitor clicks on a question the FAQ content for that question should be expanded 'accordion style' onto the page. Just cut and paste the contents section off the FAQ page for this project, don't worry about the navigation stuff, then upload to the bathurst-tafe server and blog about it so I can go look.

For bonus marks, add a link in each FAQ answer that closes down that division, or automagically close any open divison when you open up a new one.

For 'hero' status, add code that ensures your JavaScript is accessible. (you'll need to do some research into accessibility and look into unobtrusive JavaScript)

Image: 'Toy Accordion'

Saturday, June 02, 2007

briefly back from a break

Hi folks, I've not forgotten you all, I'm just a bit busy at the moment with some assignments of my own (3 more and I finish my degree).

I've also been busy building a web site for students and trainers. Called Training O2 - it's a resource portal, and it's where I want to point you for our next educational foray.

If you have a look at the topic: Determine and apply appropriate development methodologies you'll find I've left some links there to various interesting sites (if your definition of interesting is somewhat broad, that is).

Your mission: read through the quick study resource, then browse the other methodology sites I've linked to. After you've thought about them a bit, come back to TO2, register, and vote on the methods you liked the most; or leave a comment on the quick study resource telling me which methodology appealed most and why (or, if none of them are your cup of tea, what you'd prefer to use). For bonus marks, see if you can find some other 'development methodology' links and post them to the TO2 site.

Hope the business card assignment's keeping you thinking - catch you next week,