Monday, September 15, 2008

more validation

I was thinking of u all fondly today and thought you deserve a little present:

fValidator is an open source (free) unobtrusive javascript tool for easy handling form validation. It allows a user to more easily enter fixed width input where you would like them to enter the data in a certain format (dates,phone numbers, etc). It also displays error messages right where you want them - just the ticket for your form validation needs.

Image: 'My plane ticket'

Sunday, September 14, 2008

absent note

first up, please accept my apologies for being absent today. I did a pretty stupid thing on Saturday and need to lie around feeling remorseful for a bit (the pic here isn't my bike, but it's a pretty close approximation - I lost a little skin, sprained a few joints, cracked a rib, may have broken my thumb... and got off pretty lightly, all things considered).

On the Javascript front, I believe we just finished looking at form validation. To practice a bit I'd like you to create a contact form which prompts for a name, phone number, email address and comment - checking validity for each before submitting. For bonus points add an age field and check for a valid age (say between 5 and 105). Errors or omissions should be flagged by revealing an error message beside the relevant field using CSS and DOM magic.

Finished? Read through and try out some more advanced DOMination

CU soon, Peter

Image: 'Picture073_11Sep04'