Monday, March 03, 2008

godzilla vs. filezilla

Today we looked at installing and setting up our own ftp client - filezilla (the client not the server). For the full scoop on ftp, including the all important difference between active and passive modes, check out this little wikipedia entry.

Now, I need you to write a blog post on your ftp experiences so far. If you haven't tried your second ftp client yet, pick one from the list, install it, and take it for a spin - then post an entry on your blog comparing it to your first client (core ftp-lite).

In the blog post tell me which one (if either) will you be using from now on and why. Some other things you might mention include:

  • The name of your ftp client
  • The URL you got it from
  • any installation woes you encountered
  • some comments on its ease of use
  • $
  • the platform(s) it works on
  • the install file size
and any other interesting bits of information you came across. cu next week. bbb

Image: 'Houston, we have a problem.'

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