Tuesday, April 29, 2008

intro to programming

Hope you all had a good break - I certainly did. It was totally unsullied by any menial tasks like marking web development assignments - but don't panic, I'll have some nasty comments for you by next week... I promise :-)

This week we're launching into programming proper, working through Robyn's excellent notes and converting them to web pages, which should give us plenty of html and css practice along the way. So, create a week1a page with some extra scripting and compiled languages on the relevant table, also create a home page linking to your week1a page and upload both new pages to your web space on the bathurst-tafe sever.

Images can be created from screen captures (hoversnap might be handy for this) or you can find creative commons licensed images via flickrcc (don't forget to add the attributions at the bottom of your web page)

Image: 'the only flow-chart you will ever need'

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