Monday, June 02, 2008


Last week saw us spiraling out of control... exploring loops.

Try these revision questions, and a new, improved cloze test on while loops.

We also learned how to use JavaScript to validate a form on a web page, looking at form fields and loops in the process!

Finally, we started on the first task for Locate equipment, system and software faults... Identifying appropriate information gathering techniques

Image: 'Vatican Museum Spiral Stairs'


AngelBaby said...

This is a bit off topic, but do you know if they do coding stuff at University?? I'd really like to do more of this (tell me I'm mad but I like it) but couldn't find anything when I looked at CSU website.

Oh, and I am enjoying your classes too .... I am going to do some studying of JavaScript during the next fortnight.

botheredbybees said...

yes, I know they do a game development course which includes quite a bit of code - but hold off a while and you might find you can learn more, faster and for free; you just need to get a little more experience with one or two languages and you'll find the internet and occasional book will be all it takes

AngelBaby said...

Thanks Pete.