Sunday, August 10, 2008


suddenly realised that I've been very remiss about posting relevant JavaScript links here. Time to make amends.

First up, we've been working from a document I found on the interweb: a JavaScript tutorial. Thanks to the wonders of modern science this plain web page is now available as an open office document (37k) or a microsoft word doc (180k).

So far we've worked through the following sections:
1. Introduction

2. Embedding JavaScript into your HTML document

3. Variables

3.1. What are Variables?

3.2. Values of Variables

3.3. Data Type Conversion

4. Literals

4.1. Integers

4.2. Floating-point literals

4.3. Boolean literals

4.4. String literals

4.5. Escaping characters

5. Arrays

6. Operators

6.1. Selected assignment operators

6.2. Comparison operators

6.3. Selected Arithmetic Operators

6.4. Logical Operators

7. Using JavaScript Objects

8. Functions

8.1. Defining a Function

8.2. Calling a Function

We also applied ourselves to the following exercises:

Variables: open document (33k), word (101k); and functions (grab the contents of and fix the html pages: functions1.html through functions6.html).

Image: 'Zion and Tracy jumping'

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