Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A programming prescription: JavaScript tonic

Image: 'the JavaScript Code

A little JavaScript revision, followed by an introduction to the jQuery library.

So far we've covered quite a bit of ground in our JavaScript lessons. Here's a few of the highlights...

To get some practice with these three areas, we're going to work through building a Web page which the user can add notes to and edit the content of those notes.

OK, now that we've experienced some of the pleasure and the pain of coding JavaScript from scratch it's time to take a look at the web's most popular JavaScript library: jQuery. Once you've downloaded a copy, try working through this introduction to jQuery.

Now, if you've got a taste for it, choose one or two of these 51 tutorials and examples and work through it/them. If any of them float your boat (or sink it) report back here on what you've found...

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