Sunday, April 09, 2006

background briefing

One of the first things we'll be changing on the web development toolbox is the background - this can be an image or a colour or both.

For an overview of how this can be done using html, see the tutorial

If you're keen to put a background image on your pages, you might want to chose one from backgroundcity or roll one from scratch at the absolute background textures archive

As an exercise:

  1. Create an index.html page with a background colour #FF0000

  2. Put this background image on it from the absolute background textures archive's red border page

  3. Add a table and apply the cloud image above as a background (right click on the clounds and chose 'save image as...' from the popup menu).

  4. Set one cell's background colour to #00FF00.

  5. Finally, upload the html and picture files into a new directory on your website called background.

You should have ended up with something that looks like this:

Ugly but illustrative. Unfortunately, the html bgcolor and background attributes have now been depricated in favour of CSS, but the exercise does give a good grounding for the tizag page on CSS backgrounds

Q: where would we add background information for our redesigned web development site?

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