Tuesday, April 11, 2006

toolboxin' around

before taking off for our easter break, we did a little more work on the toolbox:

  1. finished moving the 'requirements', 'installation guide', 'credits' and 'disclaimer' links from the old start page to the shared_files/nav_panel.html file
  2. removed the tables from nav_panel and replaced them with unordered list elements
  3. updated shared_files/css/nav_panel.css - adding code for a background image, and some showy looking code to display our new list as a set of buttons (we took some original code from listamatic and 'adjusted' it to suit our page)
  4. tinkered a little with shared_files/frameset.html so that we didn't get the annoying scroll bars along the bottom of each frame.
If you don't want to code the html yourself, the updated files are available at http://www.bathurst-tafe.nsw.edu.au/~pshanks/webdevToolbox
(or if you're inside the firewall)

by rights we should probably do another little usability test to check that our changes have worked - perhaps next term...

while on the topic of next term, here's the next few items on the redesign things-to-do list:
  • move (and possibly re-name) the links at the bottom of the writing basic html page
  • split up the webdevmag html for writing basic html into bite sized pieces (possibly adding some more content)
  • prevent these pages from opening in new windows
  • add some navigation elements so that our new pages show up in the breadcrumb trail and main navigation
  • re-design the top frame
  • update the credits page to add our names :-)
have a good break, see you in may (thanks to Easternblot for the Chocolate bunny pic).

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