Monday, October 29, 2007

Monitoring traffic and compiling website traffic reports

For this assignment you will need to write a short report on the Bathurst TAFE website or a part thereof, say: your web page(s).

The report should...

  • Identify and analyse available site analysis software - what software or reporting service would you recommend and why.
  • Give a brief description of how to obtain and install the most suitable site analysis software
  • Identify the required report options
  • Develop a traffic monitoring program
  • Show examples of the required traffic reports
  • Analyse reports to identify any improvements that might be made to server/site performance
  • Apply forecasting methodologies to predict traffic peaks
  • Recommend changes in hardware and/or software that might be needed
  • Suggest what training might be required to use the package

In particular, I'd like to know:
  • how many people come to visit the site in a week
  • how long they spend on the site
  • which are the most popular pages on the site
  • where they're coming from (both where they live and how they might have found the web site)
  • what search terms were being used if they arrived through a search engine
  • what browser and operating systems they are using
  • when the busiest and slowest times are on the site
You can blog your answer or print it out with a cover page. Try to get it all done and posted by Monday 19th of November.

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