Monday, October 22, 2007

Political Accessibility

To flex our accessibility assessment muscles we're going to analyse a real live web site and blog the results.

Pick one of the sites being maintained by the Australian politician or party of your choice (e.g. the Labor Party, Liberal Pary, Kerry Bartlett, Bob Debus)

What demographic do you think is being targeted? Describe the target audience's age, education and reading level. Analise some key pages on the web site for reading and comprehension levels (juicy studio might be useful here) - does the copy match up with the audience's education level?

What are the legal (and ethical?) accessibility requirements for the web site? Does it meet these requirements? (UITest might be helpful here, along with the usability checklist set out in the Victorian Government Accessibility Toolkit)

What changes would you make to the site to improve its accessibility and/or make it comply with current legal requirements?

Post your answer or print and submit by Monday the 5th of November.

Image: 'Have you?'

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