Tuesday, March 14, 2006

an html editor

This week we decided to move on from hand coding all of our html by installing and using a purpose built text editor: editplus

Once you install the latest version, it would be helpful to also install the template and tagset for XHTML transitional from the user files section (I used xhtml_1.zip an XHTML ctl and template by Jim Granger) - unzip this into your Program Files/editplus directory

To use the template, just click on File - New and select html

To see the XHTML specific tags you will need to select xhtml from the dropdown box on the cliptext tab on the left.

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blackdog said...

Hi. I realise that this is not a forum to ask silly questions about how to find courses and the like..but I stumbled accross your blog and you seem like the sort of person who might be able to point me in the right direction.

I am an Australian currently residing in Cambodia. I would very much like to learn how to build my own website/s and generally gain a greater understanding of IT (Hardware, software and in particular web development). I'm pretty savvy when it comes to using the confounded machines but don't have much back-end technical knowledge.

I am (or at least used to be) a marketing professional and have operated a small accommodation business that was reliant on web marketing. The outcome I am after is to take a few online business ideas to operational form...without the need to hire/be dependent on expensive (and dare I say sometimes temperamental) web developers/designers.

I am eager to get cracking on obtaining these skill as I believe they will be of great benefit to my life in Cambodia and hopefully valuable and constructive to many poor Khmer small business operators.

I have done several searches and meandered about the OTEN and TAFE websites without much luck. The closest thing I managed to find was:

3651 Information Technology (Software Applications) $580 AUD
Mid-year rate $290 AUD
Certificate lll (AQF)
National Code ICA30199

I did find more relevant courses on the TAFE website however they did not appear to be offered by OTEN.

Am I going mad or are there no online course offered in website construction?

Perhaps I need to complete a certificate 1 in understanding how to navigate and comprehend TAFE related websites. Or does that first require you do a certificate in understanding what the hell a certificate 1 is in the first place.

Again, I realise that this is not a forum to ask questions but I could not seem to find a way of sending you a private message. I thank you in advance for any light you may be able to shed on the above.

BTW - I came to your blog via randomselections where I noticed you are a contributor. I actually suspect that the other contributor Rose G, is an old friend of mine. I noted that there have been no posts by her since late Feb and wondered if you might be able to forward this note to her or pass on my email add.

My name is Kimberley and I can be reached at kimberleybrandt@hotmail.com