Thursday, March 30, 2006

an HTML survey

I've put together a survey to see how much we've learnt about basic html so far.

It's a set of links to 6 quizzes on the following html subjects:

  • HTML Basics
  • Text
  • Lists
  • Images
  • Links
  • Backgrounds
  • Tables

Each quiz consists of 10 multi-choice questions. After taking each quiz record your mark on the survey.

These marks are not linked to you in any way, and won't be used for any assessment. I'm just interested in what areas we need to re-visit (if any), and how much you've learnt over the last few weeks as a group. So please don't just make up marks or re-send the survey. If you're not interested, just skip it.

To do all the quizzes and record the marks should take about 30 minutes.

Please note: when you click on the quiz links on the survey they will open in a new window. You may be told that you have a previous survey already open. If this happens, click on cancel to get to the new quiz.

Click here to do the quizzes and take the html survey, and have fun.

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