Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a wikispace for Cert IV web stuff

In an idle moment last weekend I set up a wikispace for some of our Cert IV web subjects: http://certivweb.wikispaces.com/.

If you haven't come across a wiki before, they're an interesting web based application that allows anyone to edit the page contents. The most famous wiki would have to be the wikipedia (where you can find out more about what a wiki is)

Currently, most of the pages on the certivweb wiki are generated from del.icio.us RSS feeds, but there is one page with some more information: the page devoted to 3756X - Emerging Web Technologies - where you'll find the subject outline and learning objectives along with some relevant links.

Next week we'll be dividing up these objectives and writing blog entries on them, so have a look through the list and some of the links to give yourself a handle on where we'll be going.

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