Monday, May 08, 2006

more on the emerging web tech assignment

I'd hoped to have this conversation with you face to face, but a small accident this morning has kept me at home.

It's about the emerging web technology assignment I set last term. Frankly, I haven't seen enough evidence from anyone (except Matt), that you know the topics.

The idea behind having you blog and comment was that you could prove to me that you knew enough about each of the topics to either add some information, ask a pertinent question or answer a question posted by someone else - on each and every topic listed.

So, I need some more postings with solid evidence of subject mastery in them - failing that I guess we could go back to the tried and true: 'write me a 3000 word essay on the following topics...'

To be honest, the whole blog thing's a bit of an experiment, and has taken me more time than marking essays would have, so I'm more than happy to do the paper thing. I just thought it might be a better learning experience for you folks to read, analyse and comment on other postings, not to mention a bit less of a chore. The subject we're currently studying: Complex Markup Language Documents has an essay writing component too (about XML, RSS, DHTML and DTDs) - what would you like to do about this? More blogging or a straight up essay? Post a comment here to let me know.

In the meantime - please add some more content to the collected wisdom of the class blogs on emerging tech...

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Nelson said...

Matt and Matt, or Matt but not the other Matt which Matt. im lost