Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some XML multi-choice practice

I forgot to mention yesterday - I started to add an XML section to the updated toolbox. You can see it on the Bathurst TAFE server (or here if you're inside the firewall).

There's not much stellar content, but I did put together a short quiz with some typical XML questions, the type of thing you'll be doing in the test next week. Just click on the link marked: Test your knowledge of Complex Mark Up Language Documents

On the usability front, I've moved the activities list to the top of the page and shrunk the banner section to a minimal 20 pixels. I've also given the pop-up windows back all the functionality of a full fledged browser (navigation, menus and most importantly: the ability to be resized). What are your impressions? An improvement? Too much form lost for too little function? Or didn't it make any difference? Once more, feel free to post your comments.

Thanks to john© for "And A Quiz To Round Off The Holiday"

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