Wednesday, March 21, 2007

code cutting

Now is the time, the walrus said, to speak of many things...

It's time to get serious about writing code. To start we'll explore some programming concepts (sequence, selection and iteration), along with some ways that people go about planning their programs (using IPO, or input, processing and output charts; pseudocode; flow charts) - and one that no-one should ever have to use: Nassi Schneider diagrams.

For this subject (Automate processes, also known as ICAB4225A), I've started to put together a regular on-line course. You can find it on

Create a log-in on the site, then click on the link marked Automate Processes. Once you're there, read through the scenario and then the reading for topic 1 before trying out the topic 1 exercises. Finally, have a crack at Assignment 1 and upload it via the moodle interface (at the bottom of the assignment 1 web page).

If you're having trouble, blog, email, meet in the Bathurst IT meeting room (Wednesday 1pm - 2pm) or wait on my next phone call - but whatever you do - DON'T PANIC

Original image: 'Flock code'
by: Will Pate

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