Monday, March 05, 2007


After installing the HTML Validator and using to fix up your '10 things' page, I'd like you to use some Embedded CSS to smarten it up...

  1. set the body background to a different colour (a light grey would be nice)
  2. add margins to either side of the page (20%)
  3. add margins around your ULs (15px)
  4. set the font for the page to arial 12pt and make it a contrasting colour to the background
  5. add a border and background colour to your OLs
  6. set the colour of the hyperlinks:
  • :link {color: #0000dd }
  • :visited {color: #dd00dd }
  • a:active {color: #ff0000 }
  • a:hover {color: #0099ff }
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