Saturday, March 03, 2007

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

I showed a little film in class a couple of weeks ago, and it's had me thinking about what the web's becoming and our part in it as developers.

As someone who's going to build the tools that make web-based user-generated artificial(?) intelligence possible, you'll need to start thinking about some of the issues flagged:

  • copyright
  • authorship
  • identity
  • ethics
  • aesthetics
  • rhetorics
  • governance
  • privacy
  • commerce
  • love
I was going to start building a list of links based on these, but quickly realised that each one is a website worth by itself. And a subjective, highly personalised one at that. So I'll leave it to you to build you own meaning, and restrict myself to pointing out a few interesting directions as we muddle through the year. I expect you to return the favour... drop the odd link into your own blog so we can all share the goodness.

Here's one to start off with. Another movie; this time exploring the creative commons. So, invite around your favorite friend, make the popcorn, and settle down for 'Get Creative'

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