Monday, May 21, 2007

Bug Crushing

This week we'll be looking at squashing bugs.

First up though, you might enjoy finding out if you've got the makings of a programmer

Don't sweat it if it turns out you should be tending gardens instead of web sites, I haven't met anyone who couldn't do this stuff yet (just a few who can't seem to enjoy it much - go figure :-)

In my experience, the folks who enjoy programming the least are those who haven't got the hang of debugging.

The simple truth is that half your development time is going to be spent tracking down and fixing bugs, and the quicker you can do this the better you're going to feel about the whole coding thing.

So, without further preamble, here's a couple more sites describing the fine art of debugging JavaScript with firebug:

Finally, here's some Debugging Challenges for you to practice on. Once you've tried out a few, take a turn at creating one of each of the four bug types identified on the Wikiversity page.

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