Wednesday, May 09, 2007

image mapping

tying up a loose end in the html subject, we looked at image mapping - defining 'hotspots' on an image which become hyperlinks to other pages.

not particularly useful imo, but worth knowing about.

you can read up on the creature on the HTML code tutorial site, and if you're not too interested in coding by hand, Rany's found a great online tool that will ease the pain: the HTML-Image map Creator WYSIWYG

to practice, find a creative commons licensed image using flickrCC, build a web page around it and create some hyperlinks off it to relevant wikipedia articles. The example we used in class was a map with links to relevant cities/states, but any image offers possibilities - e.g. linking the eyes of a portrait to the article on eyes in wikipedia, let your imagination run with it.

Don't forget to add the attribution for your image.

As always, upload, add a link from your exercises page, and blog to let me know there's something to look at.

Image: 'Lost'

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