Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a little mixed up

If you followed through the javascript exercises I recommended last week, you might have had some problems with the final parts of lesson 3 - turns out there were more than a couple of coding horrors buried there.

I won't spoil all your debugging fun by listing them, but here's some hints:

- strings must start and finish with the delimiter (a ' or a ") but cannot include that delimiter inside the string (unless you do some tricky escape character thing - look it up if you need to know how).

- if you use else if statements then the program will quit checking after the first if statement it finds to be true.

- the final if statement is all twisted up, and your error message won't show up properly if you run it the way its written.

And now, upwards and onwards...

it's time to look a little deeper into manipulating the document object model (DOM to its friends). Work through the javascript basics lessons six and seven. Then have a crack at these JavaScript challenges. Let me know how you get on with an upload and blog post . Don't rush this, there's some deep thinking required - but master it and you'll be on top of the client scripting pinnacle of fame :-)

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