Wednesday, February 21, 2007

linking up

A web page on its own is a lonely thing. Fortunately we can link it up with friends using the ultra-hip hyperlink (known to its friends as the anchor tag).

This Tizag article is a good introduction, but it doesn't discuss the depricated attributes (these are the bits that are no longer supported - usually because CSS does a better job). I'd recommend a follow up reading in the XHTML tutorial which covers these aspects.

Once you've read through these, have a bash at the hyperlink challenges I've set up for you on the wikiversity - if you've done the lists.html page, use this as your target for local links, and add a link on the lists page back to your links.html page so you can navigate backwards and forwards between them. Upload the lists.html and links.html pages to your web site and drop me a line so I can have a look at how you're getting on.

Image: 'ORLY?'

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