Monday, February 19, 2007

Moovin and a groovin

Time to upload a file.

First up, we'll need to understand what file transfer is all about - the wikipedia article's a good spot to find out.

Next, we'll need an ftp client to play with. Peruse the list on wikipedia, or search google and select one that will fit your pocket and operating system.

Install your client of choice and connect to the bathurst tafe web server using the login details provided (if you've lost them, or not received them yet, give me a call and I'll see what I can cook up). Once you're logged in, upload the index.html file you created earlier and see if you can bring it up in a web browser:

Got troubles?

  • make sure you're using Active rather than Passive transfers in your ftp client
  • double check the user name and password
  • remember, if you're in the computer lab, our ip address is different from the address
  • the web server can only see the public_html folder
  • you may need to change the permissions on the file so that others can read it
Once you finish this challenge, go to (or create) your blog and write a short post on the experience. Make shure you mention:
  • The name of your ftp client
  • The URL you got it from
  • any installation woes you encountered
  • some comments on its ease of use
  • $
  • the platform(s) it works on
  • the install file size
and any other interesting bits of information you came across

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