Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Welcome to a new year of web development

For those of you just starting, a warm welcome to the 2007 web development course. And welcome back to those of you who are continuing their learning journey.

I haven't been idle over the break. Together with a teacher at Blue Mountains TAFE I've been helping to build some web development resources on the wikiversity. We've outlined the course onthe Cert IV Websites Qualification in Australia and will be building this into a complete course over the coming months. If you're just starting out, the page for ICAB4135A, Create a simple mark-up language document to specification could prove useful.

If you're just beginning, a visit to Tizag for some practice with their beginner tutorial might help. For those a little more comfortable with HTML, we'll be working through the Tizag HTML lessons over the next few weeks; with an emphasis on using CSS in place of attributes to change the look of our HTML.

If you're already using HTML try out some of the HTML challenges we've put together.

I'll be dropping by here regularly with more suggestions about picking a path through the study material, and talking to you all each week, but don't be shy about getting in contact - call me on 6338 2448 or email peter.shanks at tafensw.edu.au - another interesting option for you might be to start your own blog here on blogspot. Use it to keep a learning journal - jotting down notes, observations and questions after each study session. If you do, drop me a line with the url and I'll add it to the blogroll here.

All the best with your studies, this should be a fun year I think.

Image: 'Footprints'
by: Joshua Davis

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