Monday, February 26, 2007

a todo list for life...

It's time we put some of our new found knowledge into practice with a quick exercise...

I'd like you to create a web page (complete with doctype, title and a heading) which lists 10 things you want do do before you die. They can range from the trivial to serious; but display them as a numbered list.

Once you've built your list, make at least one item into a nested list of the steps you'd need to take to accomplish that goal. For example:

  1. have my cake and eat it too
    1. get a cake
    2. hide from family and friends
    3. scoff cake like there's no tomorrow
  2. Goal two
  3. Goal three etc.
Add some hyperlinks from your items and/or steps to resources on the web that could help you accomplish your goal (in the example above this might be something like: get a cake)

Include some images on the page that are relevant to your project (perhaps using something like flickrCC)

For bonus points you might want to try adding CSS to:
  • colour your heading and list elements' text and background
  • add a margin to your image(s) and/or list elements
  • add rollover effects to your hyperlinks
  • add a drop shadow to your image(s)
  • format your lists
  • position elements on the page
Once you've finished, upload the lot to your web space and link to it from your home page and your blog.

Original image: 'IMG_7477'
by: tookie

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